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As a Licensed Public Adjuster

We Are Dedicated To Work For YOU

Simply put, we work for YOU! Not the insurance company. We fight for every dollar we can get you for your claim. With ProClaim’s public adjuster in your corner the insurance companies will be forced to pay what they owe you according to your policy.

Across the country, we work with individual homeowners, property management companies, small businesses, and corporations alike. Unlike the majority of public adjusting companies, who are licensed in one or two states, we work in the majority of states and will soon be licensed throughout the continental US. Our extensive work in areas affected by natural disasters has led to this plethora of licensing, thus allowing us to better assist businesses and property managers who hold insurance policies in various states.

As insurance carrier’s profits continue to shrink, the need for advocating on behalf of policyholders continues grow. Insurance carriers hold significant leverage over their insureds, ProClaim levels the playing field with equivalent validity. Insurance carriers hire expert adjusters to represent their best interests. Policyholders should do the same and hire a public adjuster to defend their interests.

Our mission is to provide policyholders with expert consultation throughout the claim process. As your public adjuster, we pride ourselves in maximizing our clients’ settlements while maintaining the highest ethical integrity. Through the upholding of these values with current and future clients, we strive to become the largest and most dependable public adjusting firm in the United States.

Insurance companies are unable to present the standard “low-ball” offer when ProClaim is engaged because our experts are well versed in the insurance claims process and provide the documentation and evidence to the insurance carrier that will not allow them underpay your claim.

Throughout the process, the use of experts are often used by the insurance carrier and the insured to support their case. For example, an insurance carrier may send a structural engineer to the property to assess the damage. Unfortunately, this report often closely resembles the insurance carriers original position. The only method to counter this is to pay for and submit an expert report countering the insurance carrier’s position. Selecting the best engineer to back up your position is critical when issues with the carrier arise.

ProClaim has advanced the public insurance adjusting industry with its utilization of modern technology. Agreements are signed on iPads which can immediately be submitted to our offices for processing and a copy sent to our client. Estimates are edited on-site during inspections to allow for quicker turnarounds. Tracking claims is made easier with ProClaim’s claim processing software, which is accessible from anywhere in the world. Every step of the process is closely monitored to ensure all of our claims receive the attention they deserve. ProClaim’s goal as your public adjuster is to use every available resource to ensure the utmost quality and efficiency of the services provided.

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